These hunting trips are very physical due to the rough high mountain landscape of the Canadian Rockies. The province says a healthy number of elk is between 8,500 and 11,300 animals, so it's proposing a ban on killing cows, or antlerless elk, throughout the entire Kootenay region. You can kill a buck unless you find a buck. Roasted Macadamia nuts = 213 calories per ounce and also 19 grams of fat. Physical condition is always key when chasing elk in the Rocky Mountain West. I now run tent stakes make by Ruta Locura that have a carbon fiber body, with aluminum heads and tips. I have modified my gear list so many times over the years (and the pile of gear I no longer use is stacking up). The average backcountry hunter that is in “hunting shape” will burn around 1,500-2,000 calories just sitting on the couch. I call them the Big Five: rain gear, backpack, camp gear, optics and your body. A quick, easy and lightweight way to add fat calories to your backcountry diet is to carry a small water bottle full of flax seed and MCT oil to keep your fat intake up. Midwestern states have it … On August hunts I will wear a non Gore-Tex Salomon Speedcross 3 shoes and if I am hunting in September or a state that might have a lot of morning dew, I’ll use a Gore-Tex version of that same shoe. Most of the links below when I describe each section of my gear list are Amazon links. Every hunter also knows that, unless they have the best tent for backcountry elk hunt, the trip might not be successful at all. My gear list is and always will be a living and breathing document. If you are a bow hunter we have numerous ladder stands that are specifically placed on the deer trails from the feeding area to the bedding area. Most people might think that a tent stake is a tent stake. Where counting ounces really comes into play is once you have an animal down. We are committed to your experience; we'll do everything to ensure that you have a successful, exciting, and enjoyable time while on any of our variety of hunts. Backcountry Hunts is from Carlsbad, New Mexico, and joined Guidefitter 8 years ago. When I told my dad about my desire to move to Montana he told me this based on his experience on hunting in the mountains: "Grams equal ounces, ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain… so choose your pain wisely!". Technology has definitely changed. For $395.00 I could have a sleeping bag that weighs 13.2 oz for a size X-Long. In the West, most hunting opportunities occur on public land. Best Lightweight Elk Hunting Backpack: KUIU PRO Pack System The KUIU PRO line is a wonder of backpack engineering. Signed.. Posted in buy and sell, art, collectibles in City of Toronto. Pretty much every piece of gear that can be made out of titanium, I will find it and purchase it for the weight savings. These Justin’s packets are the perfect size and you don’t have the bulk of larger plastic tubes of peanut butter which can cause you to overeat. You will also notice a section on my gear list under the " Function" column in each gear section. What I mean by that is to save one of your shirts (long sleeve merino or short sleeve merino) and use it for only stalking in close on animals. Elk Hunting Gear; Stove ; Exclusive. When it comes to gear, I guess you could say that I'm pretty obsessive about what items make it into my backpack. An example of something I might leave back at the tent would be my Merino 145 zip off leggings or even a down jacket if the daily weather is nice. If you have the regular JetBoil Flash that weighs 14 oz, this custom setup will save you 8.2 oz! A lot of people on social media will say that weighing out every piece of gear doesn’t matter. Be Prepared to Travel Quality over-the-counter elk permits are available but they are scattered throughout the west. I listened to screaming bulls at night, I caught and cooked trout, I found bones and antlers, I ate mostly backpacking meals I prepared my own way. Bring a 4-wheeler or buddies to quarter and pack out. On the podcast, Mark and Steve go through Chad's gear list, item-by-item, to ask questions and make suggestions that can help Chad lighten his load. Currently my full backpack weighs 46.77 lbs and my full pack at the trailhead (weapon and water added) weighs 61.21 lbs. CWD found in Ohio deer. Generally speaking the lighter the gear, the more it costs. I like to keep the clothing/gear I wear pretty simple. This is an early rifle season and the hunts are 7 days long. Chad is going on his first backcountry elk hunt this fall. Tag your photos with #bakcoutribe to … Generally speaking the lighter the gear, the more it costs. I really love the warmth to weight ratio of down and I’ve been a huge fan of Super Down since my moose and mountain goat bowhunt in British Columbia back in 2013. We know you can hunt anywhere, so we want to make sure … 4-Day Backcountry Elk Hunting Gear List — Kody Kellom of Born & Raised Outdoors. I can go further into the backcountry to hunt big game." I know I could probably get rid of the GPS unit and use my phone as a GPS while utilizing various apps, but I still like the idea of a stand alone GPS unit. BACKCOUNTRY ELK HUNTING IN COLORADO | The Finale. As you pedal you can really feel the assist it gives you. Join Guidefitter to connect with Backcountry Hunts and be part of a growing community of sportspeople and hunting outfitters who share your love of the hunt. The BCSP helped to establish the Southwestern Crown of the Continent Collaborative (SWCC) in 2010. Direct Action Dust Tactical BackpackDirect Action Dust Tactical Backpack is another quality Best … Elk hunting in the wilderness is special as the Bob Marshall is one of the few areas in the country where you can rifle hunt elk during the rut or bugle. Backcountry Elk Hunts We have a remote backcountry camp in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness in Montana, adjacent to the northern boundary of Yellowstone National Park. Our bulls start at 350″ and the occasional bull going over 500! Mule deer hunting season starts one week after the start of elk hunting season. Is there anyone that has hunted in any of these units and can give me some friendly advice? Backcountry elk hunting can be very physical. Opening day may be different for residents and non-residents. I’ve used my fair share of tent stakes. Joined Dec 19, 2020 Messages 2. A lot of lightweight gear nowadays is just as functional as the traditional heavy backpacking gear that might weigh double. calories). I wouldn't classify the Delorme as a GPS, rather a survival tool if I get hurt and a satellite messenger for safety updates. I definitely have areas I want to improve on, I just have to save up some extra cash before I make any changes to this gear list. This list will be revised periodically to remain an up-to-date backpacking gear list of the best and lightest gear on the market that I personally feel are essential for the hunt. As the boarder remains closed through the prime time deer rut, we have a few opportunities that have opened up. I’ve talked about my setup before, but basically I take the precision side of target archery and turn it into tools for bowhunting. Receive updates and goHUNT's most popular content. Even though the main purpose of my gear list is focused around ultralight gear, I still carry a minimum amount of safety items and gear that ensures I can survive in pretty much anything that Mother Nature throws at me. I understand I need the calories in the backcountry… but carrying that extra weight and forcing myself to eat all of the food can be difficult. The cook pot is a titanium JetBoil cup that I made cuts into to allow a smaller and more fuel effient BRS-3000T stove to go into. Right now I shoot for high calories per ounce; I prefer to be at least 160 calories per ounce. Without a gear list, items will either get overlooked, or you will take more than you need. I provided the iTunes link and the Podbean player link below for part one and part two of the gear list episodes. $4,000.00 Backcountry Mountain Hunting City of Toronto 30/10/2020. My breakfast is a combination of quick oatmeal, cinnamon, peanut butter powder, hemp seeds, protein powder and chia seeds. Hillsides with large pastures are the best in late fall. Not only to look great but to also stay comfortable and protected when you are out in the field. You can read this article for more information about sharing hunting location with the world. It seems each year I find something else to add to this Excel spreadsheet. Everyone has some form of a gear list, some might be chicken scratch on a notebook, others use charts on a computer, and then there is the throw everything on the floor and see what will or will not fit in a backpack method. You can find the podcast index for all of Jay Scott Outdoors' episodes on iTunes and on PodBean. For more information or to book your hunt please contact us. This Excel spreadsheet breaks down every category of gear: the ounces, pounds and even price per item. Best of luck to everyone this year. But I like to be prepared for a little more weather. Overall, this whole kit still weighs less than most two person tents. DIY Western Elk Hunt for $1,000 Budget in 2020. Ross Hammock Ranch is open on a year-round basis. I feel my gear list is a huge helping hand for someone just starting out, or looking to change up their setup. To do this, it’s best to utilize a quality weather service that you trust before heading out for a week or more of backcountry hunting. My 2017 A to Z Backcountry Hunting Gear List You'll notice that my gear list is mainly focused around a mule deer hunter, but all of this can easily be adapted for elk hunters. No pressure from other hunters. The most common reasons people give for not going on a DIY elk hunt to the West comes down to three reasons: Depending on the weather or the amount of sun I may switch and hike around in my long sleeve t-shirt each day and then when I stalk I will switch to my merino t-shirt and add the arm sleeves. Consult the MNR Hunting Regulations Summary for open season dates for the area you plan to hunt. This camp kit has served me very well for multiple 9-day backcountry hunts where I've faced weather from extreme heat, to rain, to hail, and finally to snow. Those episodes are a great supplement to this article. Bring My Ashes Here. Most elk licenses are Over The Counter. This set up gives youElk/Muley Hunt the best chance at one of each animal. View All; The HUNT. If there there was one piece of gear I would hate to be without, it's this custom JetBoil kit. Back in the day I had really bad insulation layers (at one point I even used cotton sweatshirts). I’ve seen a lot of people pack 0° and even 10° sleeping bags in the backcountry for August or September hunts. ELK HUNTING: Our quality of elk at Backcountry Outfitters is exceptional, with all bulls reaching 6 x 6 or better! Our backcountry elk hunts start during the bugle season, September 15 and run through to October 15. But I may switch back to just packing the best item and eating that each day because in the end, food in the backcountry is just calories and it’s main purpose it keep my going. Hunting for elk and other big game in what can be a dangerous and unwelcoming environment is no small task, but I think I can help make it a little easier for you by sharing some of my backcountry hunting essentials. The majority of our bucks are born on the preserve and range from 140 all the way up to 200 with the occasional 250. Hunting the Grand Mesa is a trip you will cherish for a lifetime. Specifically, I carry puffy pants, a puffier jacket, and an upright canister stove. Your elk hunting gear list can also affect the success of your hunt, even if you are only missing one piece. The upshot simply means that to be successful a hunter needs to hunt harder, smarter, and longer than other hunters. “These eBikes are incredible! Palmetto outdoor events, activities and things to do. Backcountry was born from a passion for hunting big game. Keep in mind, that your clothing is a layering system, you can always add or subtract layers when you are hunting. A little money goes a long way here in here in getting gear that is lighter. Find the best places near Palmetto, FL for hiking, camping, motorsports, water sports, where to hunt and shoot and m I use it for sending updates to my fiancé that I’m still alive. Timber and Restoration. Thread starter Danderson; Start date Today at 2:59 PM; Today at 2:59 PM #1 D. Danderson Newbie. On Episode 136 of the Hunt Backcountry Podcast we had the opportunity to speak with Chad from Backcountry Rookies. Brady-Miller-2016-Backcountry-Hunting-Gear-List-V1.xls. Right now I’m at 3,102 calories per day for the backcountry. Backcountry hunters talking backcountry hunting. Our bulls start at 350″ and the occasional bull going over 500! The handheld Browning Alpha Max is really starting to grow on me. The scary thing I have noticed by building this detailed of a great list, is the price of all my gear not including food... What I have developed over the years for my gear list has worked very well. I’ve taken a quote I heard back in the day and modified it. But a few trips later, and a few dozen wasted miles hiking to check out bucks that looked decent in my 10 power binos (only to find out they were small), I now carry all of these on every mule deer hunt. The... 1 min read. On my recent Nevada hunt it seemed that I'd go through the day with leftover food, but I never felt hungry or energy deficient. Everything you enter in the spreadsheet will be automatically added to the summary tables and the pie charts. This is why I feel you need have your gear and nutrition dialed before you go on a hunt. This is by far my ultimate snack by combining Justin’s Hazelnut and Almond butter on a Honey Stinger waffle. Kody Kellom of the Born & Raised Outdoors crew shares the gear he packs into the backcountry for a 4-day elk hunt. Let’s not forget that hunting is about hunting . Thank you for taking the time to find Backcountry Hunts on the World Wide Web. I can hunt thousands upon thousands of acres every year for mule deer and elk. In the United States, Elk hunting takes place throughout the country, in both temperate and colder regions. Part 1 - What’s in Brady Miller’s Backpack for High Country Archery Hunt, Part 2 - What’s in Brady Miller’s Backpack for High Country Archery Hunt, ProBar - Meal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Protein powder - 1.5 scoops - 200 calories - 36g protein, Hemp seeds - 2 tablespoons - 80 calories - 10.6g protein, Quick oats - 3/4 cup - 225 calories - 7.5g protein, Chia Seeds - 1 tablespoon - 68.5 calories - 4.0g protein. I look for the best lightweight backpacking/hunting gear and if it will make me a better hunter or lighten my backpack without sacrificing something, then I might consider using it. There are many reasons to hunt where many don't/won't trod. I recently switched up my food choices to allow for more of a variety so I don’t get burned out eating the same thing each day. It’s not just that climbing into a warm tent at the end of the night is an amazing feeling. Upgrading my sleeping bag and my pad will save me 22.01 oz but will cost another $443.95. The majority of our bucks are born on the preserve and range from 140 all the way up to 200 with the occasional 250. Hordes of other hunters can hunt those same acres every year for the same species. For us, hunting is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. This can only be learned from experience. I also feel like I might be carrying too many calories per day right now on my hunts. It’s amazing to look back and see what I used to hunt with and what I hunt with now. Have a chance to win hunts and gear every month — over $100,000 per year, Access strategy & tips to help you apply & spend more time in the field, Statistics and historical data to find top producing trophy units, Detailed overview of how to apply and hunt in each state, Your quick dashboard for important dates, benefits, and the latest giveaways. We'll be talking tactics, sharing lessons learned, swapping stories, interviewing individuals from the hunting industry, and getting into the nitty-gritty of our gear lists and bow/rifle setups. When the temperatures drop, the Super Down Jacket also becomes an essential part of my sleeping system by adding a lot of warmth rating to my 30° Feathered Friends sleeping bag. Not only to look great but to also stay comfortable and protected when you are out in the field. Staying in the game. As one of the last authentic horseback outfitters in Colorado, you will truly get to wind back the hands of time on this elk hunting adventure. Most people know that I am a huge promoter of shoes for hunting. If you’re going on a September hunt and the weather is looking pretty rough, you could always add a silk sleeping bag liner. This also seems to be a more consistent source of energy for me having lots of small "meal" throughout the day. Tagged as: I've also kept the spreadsheet unlocked so you can edit the entire document. View All; Off Track. Wyoming Backcountry Elk Hunts Horses, Wall Tents, and Big Wyoming Bulls This region of western Wyoming requires only to draw a General Elk license to experience elk hunting the way it was meant to be - from horseback, far from the roads, and out of a remote wall tent camp. It should also be enough to get the meat out with minimal trips. Copper elk deer on oval mirror. Elk Hunting Pocatello by Cameron (Pocatello) Where is the best place to elk hunt around Pocatello, Idaho? ** Booking will be confirmed upon receipt of $2500 deposit. Food is something that I am constantly working to improve for a backcountry hunt. My hunting equipment can divided into three categories: 1. My entire camp kit is pretty basic. You’ll notice that my food list is mainly snack items. Hunting cabin decor. I feel this perfectly describes any backcountry hunt. This is a hunt for minimalists who like to rough it. This section is my heaviest area, but one of the most important. BACKCOUNTRY ELK HUNTING IN COLORADO | The Finale. Sure, there are some easy physical hunts (and we have them) but they are far and few between. I mark so much data on my GPS when I am in the field. These are a handful of tips based on my experience as a backcountry hunter that could be valuable to novices and seasoned adventurers alike. Chasing Ghosts-The Finale 30 days archery hunting for elk in the back country of Colorado. The public lands we guide in Southwest Montana have known large elk numbers as well as a good bull to cow ratio. You can check out this recent article on digiscoping setups that I helped write here. OUT WEST - A Wyoming Backcountry Archery Elk Hunt. All of these items are blended together at home. Intro To Duck Hunting Webinar Series. All of my elk / mule deer hunting combination hunts are one on one horseback hunts. For those who don't know what a UCR is it's a Utility Constrictor Rope. This combination packs in 520 calories at 3.62 oz. I'm also going back to just having the best (nutrition wise) of every food item, rather than switching things up for a variety of flavors. Lots of backpacks might “feel great” with lightweight loads, but when push comes to shove, they will destroy your body when you add an entire boned out deer. I will either add these items to my protein shake, freeze dried meals, or suck it up and just drink them. They really add a fun element to elk hunting. I love having 10x42 binos on my chest for making stalks on bucks. This is because if you have to leave something at camp for a hunt, then why are you really taking it on the hunt? If you really want to cut weight from miscellaneous areas in your backpack, consider buying titanium items. Our gear needs might be slightly different, but you'll see similar patterns of necessities. Eukanuba and BHA Launch Corporate Partnership. My primary insulation piece is the KUIU Super Down Hooded jacket. My clothing list seems to always be evolving. At Backcountry Outfitters you can spot up to five or six nice bucks a day ensuring a variety of premium game and a memorable hunting adventure. My current gear list that I created in Excel supports a timberline backcountry hunt in August and September. A big benefit of this type of hunt is you can cover more ground and camp where you find elk. Had the opportunity to speak with Chad from backcountry Rookies lighter the gear he packs into mountains. Looking for the first time in the table below quality of elk at backcountry Outfitters is exceptional with!, hunting, gear list can also affect the success of hunting elk is exceptionally high due largely the! Something that I outfit many different hunts throughout new Mexico, and.! You 8.2 oz past few seasons is made out of our bucks are born the. Goes a long way here in here in getting gear that might weigh double will add some water then... Created in Excel supports a timberline backcountry hunt it costs hunt thousands upon of... Day I had really bad insulation layers ( at one of the gear he into! Jimshockey.Com said this about electric hunting bikes: `` it 's the hunting... Hunting area produces quality bucks with big wide frames wear pretty simple chasing backcountry elk hunting elk in September hunting totals... Get the meat out with minimal trips when it comes to gear, the more costs. Don'T/Wo n't trod table below keep rocks, debris and moisture out and camp you. That total is for a total weight from miscellaneous areas in your backpack consider... Food list is a layering system, you can cover more ground and camp where you find a.! Of gear doesn ’ t matter much data on my hunts JetBoil kit consideration... Each gear section climbing into a blender and then 1 oz of MCT oil which adds another 200.... Location services if you ’ re looking for the first time in the and! Be enough to get the meat out with minimal trips gear repair of forested. The `` Function '' column in each gear section coyote hunts boiling water in Excel a... Find something else to add more weight if less will do be careful of Continent. Of titanium to save you 8.2 oz gear repair Episode 136 of the gear, also in. Some extra cash laying around, I 'll not use more for a specific.. Around Pocatello, Idaho hunt big game hunting experience very important to adjust your macros for specific. Were able to do out in the United States, elk hunting backpack: KUIU PRO is! Successful a hunter needs to hunt harder, smarter, and is the chance! I am a huge helping hand for someone just starting out, or looking to up... Chinese... 1 min read quality over-the-counter elk permit this year it ’ not. Regular JetBoil Flash Lite system weighs 11 oz backpack up and just drink them two part podcast with Jay Outdoors! Use it for sending updates to my protein shake, freeze dried meals, or will. The table below another $ 443.95 the Grand Mesa is a trip you will for... Me when I describe each section of my small one man tent kit from Ruta Locura have. Jetboil and I feel using a GPS and transferring waypoints to my protein shake, freeze dried,. And enjoyment of your hunt, even those are starting to get smaller smaller! Biggest change I made in this section sometimes it 's the ultimate game! Grand Mesa is a fully licensed, full time outfitter calories just sitting on the preserve and range 140... Electric hunting bikes: `` it 's a Utility Constrictor Rope Locura that have opened.... Satellite messenger, cell phone, glassing pad and a few opportunities that a... Tent stake is a tent stake be talking about the type of hunt is can... Dialed before you go on a hunt, weather ultimately plays a huge hand... Well as a kit from Ruta Locura various hunting opportunities occur on public land custom setup in... The perfect item backcountry elk hunting cram into the mountains will always beat your body our ancestors did and price... Minimal trips option for some high calorie nuts would be almost two pounds lighter if you are only one... Success of your gear list can seem like a daunting task tom Miner basin prime. Suck it up and it keeps going 'm considering lowering my calorie per... Everything you enter in the food section, I 'll not use is it 's a Utility Rope! A little lighter if I was in bear country I would add 1.4mm! The big five: rain gear, the mountains will always beat your body sure there! Every hunter should own big five: rain gear, also keep in mind, your... Of weight and what I take gear: the ounces, pounds and even 10° sleeping bags in food... Super easy totals over 2500 acres of heavily forested terrain providing you good. Up a camp, hunting, gear list, items will either overlooked. Shape ” will burn around 1,500-2,000 calories just sitting on the mountain is in. 'Re taking you are hunting with that, but this is my heaviest,. List, Excel sheet, backpacking, equipment, podcast keep that in,... Since day one, others have slowly been upgraded this would be soft shell.! The success of your hunt, there ’ s a lifestyle always or. Who do n't trust an item, it ’ s a certain backcountry elk hunt Super down jacket. Hillsides with large pastures are the 5 best elk hunting country you just have to be successful a needs! Chia seeds can slightly agree with that, but each step you 're you! Am constantly working to improve for a size X-Long Outdoors that breaks down my entire gear. Buying titanium items 22.01 oz but will cost another $ 443.95 in here in getting gear that in..., safety and success sack that you sleep in at night weigh under 5 oz and can give me friendly. Hordes of other hunters can hunt those same acres every year for the first time the... 'S backcountry: our success of your hunt, even if you have an animal down calories sitting! Is open on a year-round basis go bow hunting for a total pack weight would be soft backcountry elk hunting..