Wow they are really pushing me to get the new xbox instead of PS5. Hopefully they can incorporate both methods in a new update. Let us know in the comments below. I'm primarily a pc gamer but I own all 3 consoles and when I do pvp gaming I do it on my xbox because pc has cheaters and I find xbl to be a better service. This update is horrible. From what I have been reading it sounds awful. Weird. Now it looks like they are recording as well, so I don't think there is an opt out feature. This is such a glaring issue that I can’t believe it wasn’t picked up on in the beta. There's so many things wrong with the new party system, I am lost for words.". Next when we actually do get a party started we HAVE to invite someone into our party in order to start the stupid thing. @LieutenantFatman The Last of Us: Part II. I'm furious. @scarecrowknife That message has been around since the PS4 came out, it’s just being resurfaced again as part of the update. It's really irritating to navigate, it wastes a lot of time, it lags the PS4 when you're trying to do this in some games, it's just all around terrible. After the recent 8.00 update overhauled Party Chat and Messages, players have been complaining about the PS4 Party Chat no longer working, meaning they can’t speak to … All my licenses need refreshing and it won't let me do it. I guess that means that any ***** can just join my party and troll me and my friends and there's nothing I can do about it. Can't party up, can't join our invite friends. The system is just as bad on PS5. Since they bought into Epic we most likely see Playstation exclusives also on Epic game store. One of the biggest changes PlayStation 4 firmware update 8.00 made earlier today was a complete overhaul of the party system. Prince of Persia Puts the Sands of Time on Hold Until a Later Date, PS4 Owners Aren't Happy with the New Party System, ... it is fortunately empty... last undiscovered icon is Events... Bad move sony making it much harder to make parties on playstation now we're getting bugs on our systems with the friends list and also there's the error that we can't start the parties without a error poping up I don't think y'all sony ppl even tested it if it was going to work with out bugs coming out thank you very much for ruining that. Completely baffled. Actually, because of this humbuck I accidentally clicked Party icon for the first time on my console. You could set it private - but you would have manually invite every new party member whenever they would request to join. Select the party you want to join. is mandatory update too. When you start a party you then have to invite people into your party. It didn't need fixing people. Can't join party chat or games on PC Hi, I've got a problem with the Xbox App and all of the multiplayer Xbox Games on PC: I can't join any of my friends neither in game nor in party chat. @nessisonett Allow me to explain something here that might help account for why it wasn't picked up. Plus my whole system is acting up so there’s definitely some bugs. you mean on call of duty wolrd at war? Twitter, Skype and Discord aren't exactly the most child safe places on the internet. That's strike 1. Some people were so dumb that they thought it's funny to join your party and make farting noises. PlayStation Studios Poised to Publish First Ever Xbox One Game, Leaked MLB The Show 21 box art will take some getting used to, February 2021 PS Plus Games Are Available to Download Now, Interview The Disco Elysium Team Talks PS5 Porting Process, Extra Content, and Dumb Deaths, News Madden NFL 21 Tips Kansas City Chiefs for Super Bowl LV. I can't see my friends lists at all...they just clock. Surely this can't be true? Like, who did they have in the Beta? Their little "By joining, you agree to be recorded"" would be laughed away in court. That would violate laws in several states/countries without full authorized consent by all parties. Select (Party) from the function screen to view a list of the parties you can join. //